M.A.D. Group A.G.M. 2017 & Council meeting.

The A.G.M. was held on 26th April in The Badger Inn, Church Minshull. The previous year’s minutes, Chairman’s Report and Treasurer’s Report were all agreed and the council re-elected for a further year. A Council Meeting then followed and the next production, an Old Time Music Hall was discussed. The ‘Carry on Singing’ choir have been recruited and we now need to see who else would like to play a part or join in the Melodrama cast. This will be circulated to all members via the web and Insight Magazine will advertise it. Some people have already expressed in interest and Acton have booked one night at their Village Hall. Dates are set at November 9th in Acton and in Church Minshull Village Hall on the 10th and 11th. A provisional date for the Spring production 2018 has also been booked. Expenditure on advertising and two lighting dimmer packs were passed and the meeting closed at 9pm.

John Headon, Chairman

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