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PIEfall – DD7 Congratulations

After two very successful performances, with two sell out audiences, we congratulate all who ‘strutted their stuff’ and those who worked so hard backstage to support them. Well Done to Kerry and Larry who also directed. It goes without saying that our funds are replenished and we now look forward to our next production in the Spring of 2017, ‘Bunkered’ by Lynn Brittney.





Piefall / Jane Blonde rehearsals

Piefall” Friday 11th and Saturday 12th November.
We are pleased to announce the show is soon to start and ticket sales are excellent with two full houses.
After one last rehearsal on Thursday, everything will be ready.
If you are hoping to come and have not got a ticket please contact Kerry on 01270 522144 urgently and we will try to squeeze some extra chairs in.
Details are on our poster.
Piefall rehearsals Piefall rehearsals

Blonde Rehearsals Start

The rehearsals have started for Jane Blonde, our Autumn 2016 show.  All is going well for this hi-tech production with three on the tech’ crew.
Here are some of the cast doing the first read-through.


Readings at St. Bart's

Readings at St. Bart’s

Readings at St. Bart's

Readings at St. Bart’s


Amended Script and changes for Jane Blonde

Following various ideas put forward from a number of the cast, I have updated the script to version 2. Please use this version only… (Email Webmaster for the script)

All changes and additions are made in red type for ease.

Karen Morley will replace Sarah Hughes and George (Andy the Caravan man’s 12yr old son) will sing the intro song ‘PIEfall’…

Larry Bannon

Autumn 2016 Production – Jane Blonde

It is now confirmed – “Jane Blonde” (a James Bond Comedy Spoof hand-written production), by the hand of Larry Bannon, will be our Autumn 2016 production. Larry will also produce and direct it along with his with Kerry, who, will also star in it aswell!

The Rehearsal and Performance Dates are on the MAD Group Calendar.

The performances will only be in Church Minshull and they will be in the Village hall.

For your diary, the performances dates are 11th 8pm and 12th 7.30pm November 2016.

Director: Kerry Bannon & Larry Bannon
Stage management:  Meikle Carss
Sound: PJ Jones
Lights: Bob Schiller
Prompt: Jeanne Stockdale
Presenter: Rob Jones
Jane Blonde: Kerry Bannon
“M”: Chris Fisher
Miss Spendapenny: Jackie Taylor
Ernst Blofaht: Steve Blackie Larry Bannon
Hugh Jorgan: Shaun Davies
“Q”: John Headon
Faruk: Dave Barrett
Ali: Dave Prosser Larry Bannon
Guard: Dave Barrett
Judus Trump: Rob Jones
Flick Mabrarov: Sharon Corke
Randi Manita: Sharon Corke
“Q”’s assistant: Sarah Hughes Karen Morley Rob Jones
George will sing the intro song ‘PIEfall’

(edited 25 Nov 2016)