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‘Light Entertainment’ feedback from Church Minshull.

five-starsOur audience again was very complimentary and clearly enjoyed the show.
Comments included….

  • “Well done. A cracking performance”
  • “It was such a good laugh. I never stopped”
  • “I think the dropped biscuit took the biscuit for me”
  • “I can’t believe I live alongside such talented people”
  • “You are too good to perform in a village hall. You should be in Crewe Lyceum”


Ladies in waiting.

‘Light Entertainment’ Feedback from Acton

five-starsThe audience at Acton were very complimentary of the Friday performance of the show and made the following remarks afterwards.

  • “I never stopped laughing all the way through. You were so funny.”
  • “It was a good chuckle.”
  • “I don’t know how you remember all the lines, especially when two conversations are happening at once.”
  • “How you change from one character to another beats me.”
  • “It was such a change from the usual entertainment we have here. Thank you for coming and bringing all your equipment with you.”
  • “It gave us such a professional show.”
  • “Such variety, just brilliant!”

Cast & Crew of One-Act Play Re-visited


  • John Headon
  • Chris Fisher
  • Kerry Bannon
  • Dave Barrett
  • Faye Hough
  • Mairi Harris


  • Director – Den Fisher
  • PJ Jones – Sound & Light
  • Bob Schiller – Stage Manager
  • Meikle Carss – A.S.M
  • Jean Stockdale – Continuity
  • Steve Blacky – Logistics