Old Time Music Hall Production Information

“Old Time Music Hall”

A Victorian style / Good Old Days type of Production for Autumn 2017

At Church Minshull Village Hall on:
Thursday 9th November,
Friday 10th November &
Saturday 11th November.
Doors open at 7:00pm – performance starts at 7:30pm

Tickets are £10 per person and available from:-

or the ticketsales email account

or the form at the bottom of this page

In this production we have Monologues, Sketches, Poems, Speciality Songs etc and we are featuring the village Choir called “Carry on Singing”, all controlled by a flamboyant Master of Ceremonies.
Why not come in Victorian or Fancy Dress!?
* Licensed Bar *

Press  for the Rehearsal/Performance Dates etc

Press  for the Running Order v1

Press  for the Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter Script

Press  for the Lion & Albert Script

Press  for the Official Poster

Ticket Request Form

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Old Time Music Hall Melodrama

Thank you to all those who have put their names forward to take part in the Mad Group Old Tyme Music Hall.
The Melodrama has about eight roles available for those who would like to take part, so please let me know if you are interested.
No roles or acts will be asked to audition.


We Need You!!

The MAD Group are doing an OLD TIME MUSIC HALL PRODUCTION on 9th, 10th and 11th November 2017.

We are wondering if you would like to take part and do your own little mini-act of a few minutes. So far we have 5 acts and a local choir and pianist that have signed up for a fabulous production for the 9th in Acton Village Hall and for the remaining nights in Church Minshull Village Hall.
You won’t need to come to all of the rehearsals – just a few before the performances.

We are looking for Acts like Singers, Jugglers, Magicians, Monologues, Dancers etc etc.
You can do one or more acts of your choice. We have a large Costume Department that you can have access to if you require it.

There will also be a melodrama with a limited number of parts available.
Please contact John Headon before Sunday 2nd July to register an interest by email to:-


2019 Autumn

Planned for a 2019 production we are hoping to perform…

“A Wartime Drama”

written by D. Barrett & J. Headon. (Maybe performed in St Bart’s Church)

M.A.D. Group A.G.M. 2017 & Council meeting.

The A.G.M. was held on 26th April in The Badger Inn, Church Minshull. The previous year’s minutes, Chairman’s Report and Treasurer’s Report were all agreed and the council re-elected for a further year. A Council Meeting then followed and the next production, an Old Time Music Hall was discussed. The ‘Carry on Singing’ choir have been recruited and we now need to see who else would like to play a part or join in the Melodrama cast. This will be circulated to all members via the web and Insight Magazine will advertise it. Some people have already expressed in interest and Acton have booked one night at their Village Hall. Dates are set at November 9th in Acton and in Church Minshull Village Hall on the 10th and 11th. A provisional date for the Spring production 2018 has also been booked. Expenditure on advertising and two lighting dimmer packs were passed and the meeting closed at 9pm.

John Headon, Chairman

“Bunkered” – Great Success! – two nights SOLD OUT

“Bunkered” Fabulous Critique !!

We attended the first night of ‘Bunkered’ by Lynn Brittney, as this is the first true play the group has performed since they developed from the Good Companions of Bunbury. The group is based at Church Minshull Village Hall, which, having no permanent stage, meant the building of a small set on a temporary platform. This was done well and was suitably lit, with good sound effects, delivering all the essential pieces in place.
We should start by saying we are not fans of the play and even took books in case boredom set in. We previously found the script very limited and large amounts of dialogue somewhat stinted.
This performance was different. Right from the start unscripted ‘business’ had been added that caught the audience’s attention and this rolled on from random tool pilfering, through electrocution and ‘under wedding dress’ action, to a headlock that persuaded one member of the cast to sign the Official Secrets Act. Intrigued? You should be, for this was not the usual production. The laughter grew as the four main characters, (David Barrett as Harry, Chris Fisher as Peter, Mairi Harris as Joan and Kerry Bannon as Mags) responded to each others performances and took control of their roles, masterfully. They were ably assisted by Kevin Penny as an imposing Marine Sargent Connor and Faye Hough as the enigmatic Midshipman Taylor. Later still, director John Headon was added to the mix as a perplexed Bill and Sharon Corke played a smart and ‘ritzy’ commander.

Overall, a very enjoyable play and congratulations should be given to the producer who made a mundane script into a very watchable performance. A measure of it’s success? We never once touched our books and never once stopped laughing.

Claire & Michael Gorse